Aquacycl joins inaugural Xylem Accelerator

Aquacycl is thrilled to announce that we were selected to participate in the first-ever Xylem Innovation Labs Accelerator Program. The Accelerator program advances technologically-ready products and services and provides mentorship, pilot opportunities and training that help companies scale their innovations in the water market. It brings together various stakeholders across Xylem and the Accelerator cohort companies to address some of the biggest water-related challenges that we face.

As a global water technology company, Xylem's commitment to solving water scarcity and quality fits perfectly with Aquacycl's ability to help industrial companies support a healthy watershed. We couldn't be happier with the support, team and opportunities to work with Xylem every step of the way.

Xylem Innovation Labs is a global team that identifies and leverages the technologies and trends that will be critical to Xylem’s mission of creating a water-secure world. The Xylem Innovation Labs team partners with Xylem’s open innovation ecosystem, including startups, small companies, water-focused non-profits, research and consulting leaders, and venture capital firms.

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