Major food manufacturer installs wastewater sulfur removal system

Patented Micro-aeration technology improves safety, reduces odors and eliminates hazardous chemicals

ESCONDIDO, Calif., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Aquacycl®, the inventor and manufacturer of new wastewater treatment technologies, is helping a Fortune 500 CPG company eliminate sulfur, resulting in improved safety and reduced odors. After successfully piloting Aquacycl's patented sulfur-removing Micro-aeration system, one of the largest global food & beverage companies signed a commercial agreement to install a system at one of their facilities. The system reduces risks related to hydrogen sulfide, reduces corrosion, minimizes odor, and operates with no chemicals and lower energy requirements than other systems on the market. It is also lower capital investment and operating cost than alternate technological options.

The Micro-aeration technology is a sustainable treatment that replaces chemical treatment with a biological process to remove sulfides and sulfates present in the wastewater and the head space in the wastewater holding bodies. The system converts sulfates (liquid) and sulfides (gas) into elemental sulfur (solid), which is captured and removed as part of the service contract.

"Aquacycl has brought a new approach to a costly and hazardous problem," said Aquacycl Co-Founder and CTO, Sofia Babanova. "Normal operations can create conditions which promote hydrogen sulfide formation, which is highly corrosive, a severe health risk, and creates odor problems. We saw an opportunity to bring our knowledge of biologically based wastewater treatment systems to help solve this challenge, without chemicals. We are thrilled to work with this leader in their industry and look forward to working with other companies to help them support healthy watersheds through improved wastewater management."

Aquacycl Micro-aeration units have shown effective total sulfur removal across multiple applications, including brewery, beverage and sewage applications. They can retrofit into an existing tank or installed into new systems, providing a cost-effective solution to a challenging problem.

About Aquacycl
Aquacycl helps industrial customers maintain healthy watersheds by simplifying complex, tough to treat, wastewater. Aquacycl provides energy-neutral industrial pretreatment as a service and is the only technology for treatment of high-strength organic wastewater without dilution. Aquacycl provides permanent and mobile systems through competitive service plans; and strives to be the leading global provider of bioelectrochemical technologies for decentralized industrial, agricultural, military and emerging market wastewater treatment applications. Aquacycl guarantees permit compliance and reliability in variable production environments and reduces wastewater management costs by 20-60%.

Sean Mahoney for Aquacycl

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